FREE V.B.S. Graphics

We know the time is upon us to start preparing for Vacation Bible School. There are many wonderful VBS resources out there for purchase, but we know some congregations either can’t afford the packages or simply like to prepare their own materials. We here at SPU decided to help you out with some FREE graphics we created just for such an occasion.

We’ve included all the basic graphics you need to help promote your VBS such as PowerPoint Slides, name tags, graphics, and VistaPrint-ready customizable postcards. You’ll need a graphic editor such as Photoshop or Gimp to customize, but we’ve also included JPG and PDF forms for those who want a less custom feel. 

We chose the theme “Out of This World” for our graphics. You can use whatever Bible themes you’d like with this. We used this theme several years ago at a VBS and we did Out of This World Bible stories and chose some of the more amazing stories in the Bible, but there are many directions you could go. Once again this material is free to use and distribute as you see fit. All we ask is that you help us share it on social media! Enjoy the files and have a great VBS!

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