Why Your Congregation Should Use Facebook Ads

We live in a social media-dominated society. Love it or hate it, it’s the reality of our presence. It’s been my observation that, though churches have come leaps and bounds in their ability to actively use this to their advantage, many have not fully invested in such. If your congregation spends any money at all on advertising events, meetings, etc. consider spending some of that on Facebook ads. Before I tell you the benefits of doing this, I’m making an assumption that your congregation has a dedicated Facebook Page. If it doesn’t, stop reading this right now and go create one. Here are some benefits to paying for Facebook ads:

  1. They’re budget friendly. As as small business owner, this factor was the most important to me when I first began my business. You set what you want to spend; anywhere from $5-$5000+ can get you started on an ad.
  2. They’re target specific. This, perhaps, is the most beautiful aspect of Facebook ads for churches. The targeting demographics you can use are nearly limitless. For example, say you’re having a Ladies event coming up that you’d like your county and other surrounding counties to know about. With Facebook ads, you can create an ad targeted towards females age X-X, in the location(s) of your choosing, and who are interested in Christianity, Christian Values, etc. It’s an unbelievably effective way to reach exactly who you want to reach!
  3. They’re far reaching. I can tell you from experience with my business that you get an unbelievable value from a small investment as people begin sharing and commenting on your ad. Recently, one of my businesses ran a targeted ad for $100 over the course of 7 days and reached 60,000 customers, all with vested interest in our product.
  4. They’re easy to create. Seriously, a nice ad is easily created without any fuss, or even moving from your computer. A well written header, a nice picture, and a few clicks selecting your audience and it’s done.

At this point, I’m sure some of you are asking why you would pay for advertising when you can post to Facebook for free. You are correct about this, you can post to Facebook for free and rely on others to share it. The problem is that with Facebook’s algorithm, (how they determine who sees what) even the people who like your page might not see it. Is this deliberately designed to make you use Facebook ads to get your stuff seen? Of course! Don’t forget that Facebook is a business first and foremost. They WANT to make money, it’s their job. I realize this rubs some groups the wrong way, but don’t let it bother you; take advantage of it! You’re missing out on a huge reach opportunity if you only use the free aspect.

Here are some ways you can use Facebook ads for you congregations:

  • Make a fun video promoting VBS
  • Advertise your gospel meeting
  • Gather questions that you can answer at a later date
  • Promote a service event in your community
  • Promote your page to gain more followers and interaction
  • Promote your website and guide users to specific areas of your website
  • Promote correspondence courses

The possibilities of how it can be used are endless!

Before you use your first ad let me give you a couple tips:

  1. Not every post needs an ad.  As I’ve said, Facebook ads are great, but don’t feel pressure to use them every time you post something. Use them when you’re trying to reach a greater audience than normal or have a specific group you’d like reach.
  2. Be Prepared For Comments. Everybody on the internet has an opinion and sometimes those opinions are nasty. It comes with the territory of using social media. Stay on top and respond to all of the comments that you can. Don’t allow arguments or negativity to take over your comments post! Don’t be afraid to delete comments that are hostile, inflammatory, or abusive. Also, don’t delete a comment just because it’s negative, rather offer to discuss the issue privately in person or through your pages messenger app.


Facebook ads are a fantastic, effective way to reach people in our modern world! If you haven’t tried it, give it a shot.





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