App of the Month: Genius Scan


If you are like me, you use your smart phone everyday. I believe most people in ministry do, as well. That’s why we’re introducing a new monthly post for a feature app we love! Here is November’s.

I’m on the go a lot and often have to deal with documents or write something down or need to show something to someone else. The problem is that I usually don’t have access to a scanner when I’m on the road. Even if I do have access to a scanner, I have yet to invest the money into a fancy scanner that auto-feeds the papers for me, so the process is arduous to say the least. Then along came Genius Scan.

The concept is super simple: take a picture of what you want to scan and Genius Scan saves it to your phone. You’re probably wondering how this is different from using the regular camera app already on the phone. Genius Scan will generally detect and properly crop the document, leaving only the document and no background. It can also turn the document to black & white or keep it in full color. What really sets this app apart is the ability to take the picture you took and turn it into a .pdf document that you can then share on Dropbox, Evernote, email, etc with ease. You can easily add more scans to the .pdf document or make a new document for each scan.

I use this app at least once a week, sometimes much more. I use it for receipts, business cards, and even some more heavy-duty scanning in my very slow venture to eventually go paperless. Occasionally, I will use Genius Scan to scan a page from a book I am using for a class so that I can combine it with my notes into a single .pdf.  It’s a really neat, functional app that’s available in the app store. Purchase the free version or an upgraded version for $2.99.

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