Keep Your Bulletin Fresh

Do you find that your efforts to create a bulletin every week are in vain? Does that printed piece hit the garbage cans as soon as services are concluded? Here are some tips on how to create a more lasting and engaging bulletin:

1. Good news – you have officially been invited to the “No Old Clipart Allowed” club! One of the worst things you can do is cram outdated clipart graphics into every corner of your layout. There are some nice new illustrations that can be found on stock websites, and here are a few affordable options:
2. Choose a color scheme of 3-4 complimentary colors and try to keep it consistent. If you have too many colors, then it can end up being overpowering and distracting. On the flip side, too few colors can be boring. If your church already has a logo identity established, then it is probably wise to stick with those colors.
3. Find and incorporate some trendy fonts. This can have a massive impact on how interesting your bulletin becomes. Here are some incredible FREE resources you can tap:
1. Find some good quality paper stock from your local supplier, as this can give a great first impression for members and visitors alike. People notice things such as the weight and feel of the paper stock, even if it seems insignificant to you. This doesn’t need to be an area you splurge on…but your readers will definitely know when you are cutting corners.
2. When it comes to folds, just remember this isn’t origami. If you have a considerable amount of content, then I suggest sticking with a single fold booklet.
3. If you currently only have a printed bulletin, I strongly urge you to create an online version, too. This can be emailed out at the beginning of each week, since some members prefer to do their reading on a screen.
1. Try to use lots of photos, because we are a visual culture. Too much verbiage in articles can be overwhelming to most people, so it is refreshing on the eyes images are mixed in properly. If you are unable to provide your own, you can always check the already mentioned stock photo sites above.
2. Make space for advertising your upcoming events, especially big lectureships or meetings. This will provide a nice reminder for your readers, and will also create a nice buzz of excitement as well.
3. Make it interactive by introducing trivia and puzzles, and only reveal the answers from the pulpit the following week.
4. Remember – your readers are your support group. If you are still looking for ways to engage them, then try asking for suggestions in your bulletin. This can especially be helpful if you are searching for topics to write about.
trey“Trey Ingram grew up in Hobe Sound, Florida, and later moved north to Jacksonville with his wife. When he isn’t creating out-of-this-world graphics, he enjoys the beach life, traveling, being a big kid with his little boy and playing soccer. Every day he rolls out of bed with the intent to “wow” clients with professional graphic design. Art is such an obsession for Trey that he notices it everywhere he looks. Trey’s that weird person that you pass by in the grocery store aisle that stops to take photos of the latest product packaging. Trey is inspired by a good challenge, which fuels him to take your design to new heights.”

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